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 SunriseX 2015 Update

Hello all,

finally the work on our root server is done, we have a new Server.
Now we have 2 servers (Webserver+ root Server) so that means that the samp server+TS
are installed on a different server to be more safe wink

And i am done with the new SX Update,i hope you will like it:

- New Textdraw (race hud)
- New Login and Register Window
- Totalraces statistic added
- Now races display on screen if they are in voting list or not
- New sorted Votinglist (all races included)
- All Player Skins added
- New Chat messages
- Dialog Login/register System
- Xenon Lights added
- Recordfiles will be created if any admin race this race into votinglist

cya on Server
pott wink

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written by McPott - 26.01.2015 - 12:33
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 OSR is back !

Sorry for trouble with game server and website.
Website is in work and will come back in 1-2 weeks.

The Racing server will be offline from monday (26.01.2015) for a few days
because of a hardware check.

All OSR Member need to register new on website.

Questions to:

Turkey McPott - Server Admin
Germany haubitze - Website Admin

Facebook Group: click

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written by haubitze - 25.01.2015 - 22:34
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 Happy New Year



2015 is near and we can look back in a Year, full of Fun, new Members,
some Racewars and a lot of Updates on the Server.
We say Thanks to the Community and defently to McPott
for his work on the Server and for creating and leading this Crew.
He spend a lot of time and Money in the Team,
that we all can drive his Server and having Fun together.

Much thanks to you Smokey Turkey McPott !

And because its end of the Year, we have a short Statistic.

OSR Member: 18
Partner: 3 (NSG, GT, GTAVision)
Website User: 61
Server User: 5240
Website Visits: 115397
Server Visits: 91554
Racewars: 2 (vs NSG, vs FSR)
Builded Races: ~1668 (since start of last script)
Added Races: 3418
Bugs Reported: 59
Races to vote: 2206
Races on Server: 4576
Duels: 351
Played Races: 165303
Driven Records: 113471
Topscorer Server: Germany haubitze (117439 Score)

Highscore Racer Top 20:
read more click

Clan Visits:
read more click

Clan Record Points:
read more click

Clan Records:
read more click

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

OSR Team
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written by haubitze - 25.01.2015 - 22:11
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